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Pre-written content, always up-to-date

Our well written & simple language instructions are constantly updated whenever our supported platforms issue a stable release. We'll also update any instructions you've sent out already so that your clients always have access to the latest instructions.

Easy-to-use editor

Start from a pre-defined template or create a new one from scratch. Create, edit, and drag & drop your instruction steps to your liking. Upload images or embed videos as needed.

Instruction templates

Either use one of our pre-defined instruction templates, or create your own template to re-use later on.

Follow-up automatically

You can configure your instructions to recurringly get sent to your client's inbox after you've created them. This will pro-actively refresh their memory and can help limit the amount of support requests you get.

White-label branding

Add your own company and client logos to your training materials for a custom white-label appearance. Your clients will think you made each instruction page yourself.

Wordpress Integration

Display instructions directly in your client's Wordpress Dashboard. Our plugin can import your custom post types and automatically generate the basic CRUD instruction steps.

Print or export to PDF

You aren't limited to just a web-based instruction page. Clients can print their instructions or download them as a PDF or Word document with the click of a button.