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Client Training

When performed manually, client training can take up to 5 hours of a developer's time on each project. Much of this time is spent performing repetitive tasks and explaining basic instructions such as logging in & editing a page.

Our goal is to help make your training process as quick and painless as possible. Automate your client training and leave more time for what you do best.

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Automate your Training

Save hours on every project by automating your initial training process. There's no easy replacement for old fashioned face-to-face training, however not all clients need it. See how it works »

Impress your Clients

Handing over a nicely polished instruction manual to your client is the "cherry-on-the-top" professional touch that will leave a good impression & help you stand out from your competition. View examples »

Integrate with Wordpress

Client Instructor utilizes Wordpress to its full potential by integrating directly into your client's dashboard. Easily import your own custom post types to your instructions. Wordpress plugin »